Dead Sea Spa Hotel فندق البحر الميت العلاجي

Name: Dead Sea Spa Hotel
Name Arabic: فندق البحر الميت العلاجي
Phone Number: (05) 3561000
Phone Number(s): 053561012
Website: www.jordandeadsea. com
Governate: Dead Sea
Area Info: Dead Sea - Salt Land Village, Sweimeh
Governate Arabic: البحر الميت
Area Arabic: البحر الميت - الشاطي الشرقي
Category English: Travel & Tourism
Category Arabic: سفريات و سياحة
SubCategory Arabic: فنادق
SubCategory English: Hotels

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#1: Tuesday 26 June 2012 / 12:46:25 am.
احمد معايطة 0795700707 (User IP ID: 103412581012)
الفندق جميل قضيت فية السنة الماضية ليلتين رائعتين لكن للاسف هذا العام لايوجد عروض ولا خصومات
#2: Thursday 20 June 2013 / 7:24:36 pm.
mohammed nayfeh (User IP ID: 136014351007)
booking and information
السلان عليمم حابب اعرف كيف طريقة الحجز وبكم الغرفة المزدوجة وهل يوجد برنامج علاجي ةهل هو مكلف
#3: Sunday 11 August 2013 / 8:37:56 am.
kareem khalaf (User IP ID: 14018621721)
بصراحة قمة في الروعة
عشنا اللحظة اللي كنا فيها مع التميز بأرقى أنواعاخدمة

أشكر كل الموظفين الذين يعملون بالفندق
#4: Sunday 11 August 2013 / 9:41:25 am.
kareem khalaf (User IP ID: 14018621721)
بصراحة قمة في الروعة
عشنا اللحظة اللي كنا فيها مع التميز بأرقى أنواع الخدمة

أشكر كل الموظفين الذين يعملون بالفندق
#5: Monday 19 August 2013 / 11:57:39 pm.
naser shrida (User IP ID: 72710721170)
اتصلت هاتفيا لاستفسار عن اسعار الغرف للاسف موظف الاستثبال لم يفيدني وطلب مني الحضور للفندق ليجاوبني- اهلا سياحة
#6: Sunday 21 December 2014 / 1:49:06 pm.
KATIA EGENCY (User IP ID: 7019251112)
سياحه علاجيه
بالاشاره الي الموضوع اعلاه نحن وكالة كاتيه العالميه للسفر والسياحه نريد التعامل مع فندقكم العامر
#7: Sunday 25 January 2015 / 11:13:15 am.
Mamoun Matalqah (User IP ID: 15061492987)
Dear Sir/ Madame
I am planning to conduct a 5 days training at your hotel
can any body contact me for information
#8: Monday 2 March 2015 / 9:56:50 pm.
hany (User IP ID: 15959301208)
كم سعر وجبة العشاء والغداء في فندقكم
#9: Wednesday 17 February 2016 / 8:31:58 pm.
Mohammed homsi (User IP ID: 98916241104)
terrible experience
I have had a terrible experience going to the deadsea spa, i went there before but didnt notice anything wrong, but this time it was terrible, from the moment i arrived there was no valet parking, then I asked for a special arrangement to be made and it wasnt ready when i arrived although I arrived 2 hours late, they kept me waiting at the reception for 10 minutes,
Then i wanted to order room service, it took them 25 minutes to deliver the menu, then an additional 30 minutes to deliver the food which was impossible to eat, i ordered a steak sandwich the meet was so burnt it had no taste, the fries was cold, and the salad was just eisberg lettuce without even a dressing it was a horrible experience, then i wen for a swim, the pool was filled with dead insects i couldn't bare myself to get in, so i went to the sea, there was no sunbeds there.
The aircondition was out of service in the deadsea, i couldnt sleep because it was burning hot. I really dont recommend anyone to go there. My only problem is that I am a Jordanian resident and the hotel holds the name of one of the most important Jordanian land marks, so I really think some action must be made.
Mohammad Homsi