Eid Ma'moul Top List 2016 - أسعار معمول العيد

top mamoul shops in amman 2016

Kindly note that the prices below are to the best of our knowledge and we are not held liable for it's accuracy. We highly advise you to contact the shop directly for prices.
اسعار معمول العيد - عيد الفطر 2016 في المحلات
Last updatedon June 30th, 2016
آخر تعديل على الاسعار تم يوم الخميس 30/6/2016


KARMA kitchen jordan river ma3mool Eid Mamoul from Karma Kitchen, part of Jordan River Foundation. Their Mamoul is so good you can never get enough of it. Filling includes dried peach, figs, as well as dates and the other traditional fillings
فرحة العيد ما بتكمل من غير المعمول المنقش بالايد، بالتمر والجوز والفستق الفاخر وأكيد التين والمشمش على طريقة ستات مطبخ الكرمة التابع لمؤسسة نهر الأردن. متوفر بالفستق الحلبي 20 د/ك، والجوز 16 د/ك، والتمر 13 د/ك. المعمول بالتين المجفف ومعمول بالمشمش بـ15د/ك

  • Karma Ma'amoul Prices:
    Dates عجوة price: 13JD per KG
    Walnut جوز price: 16JD per KG
    Pistashio فستق حلبي price: 20JD per KG
    Fig تين price: 15JD per KG
    Apricot مشمش price: 15JD per KG
  • For orders please call Karma at: ☎ 0787745660


cakery Mamoul photoCombine delicious traditional Eid sweets with sheep cookie and you happen to please them all! Surprise your visitors and family with these finely Ma'moul delights specially made for the holidays.This Eid, The Cakery is ready to make your tummy very very happy.

  • The Cakery prices:
    Dates Ma'amoul price: 14JD per KG
    Walnut Ma'amoul price: 16JD per KG
    Pistashio Ma'amoul price: 18JD per KG
  • Please note that it is better to order in advance, so call The Cakery at: ☎ 0777161717

SEMIRAMIS - سميراميس

semiramis mamoul photoFour kinds of delicious Mamoul filled with Pistachio, Walnut, Dates, and Fruits. Semiramis' Ma'moul is as perfect as their well-known chocolate. For pre-ordering please contact any of Semiramis Sweets Shop branches.

  • Semiramis prices:
    Dates Ma'amoul price: 13JD per KG
    Walnut Ma'amoul price: 18JD per KG
    Pistashio Ma'amoul price: 21JD per KG
    غريبة محشية تمر - 16 دينار الكيلو
    غريبة محشية فستق - 19 دينار الكيلو
  • Semiramis Branches: Sweifieh, Gardens, Abdoun & Um Uthaina
  • Phone Number: ☎ 0778489869 - ☎ 065540130


IBSAIS Ma3moul picture We have personally tried the Ibsais Sweets' Ma'moul and we are in love! Ibsais Family are considered pioneers in preparing all types of oriental desserts since 1878. Now there Ma'amoul is ready to be served this Eid so visit their showroom in Abdullahh Ghosheh St. and taste their one of a kind authentic recipe.

  • Ibsais Mamoul Prices:
    Date Ma'amoul: 12 JD per package of 1.25KG
    Walnut Ma'amoul: 14 JD per package of 1.25KG
    Pistashio Ma'amoul: 16 JD per package of 1.25KG
  • For more information call Ibsais Sweets at: ☎ 065855571 - ☎ 0795487620


parafai chocolate mamoul photo Parfai with its' newest branch in Um Uthaina will be offering a different kind of Ma'moul this Eid. Chocolate filled Maamouls "showing in the picture above" is now available at Parfai Chocolate & Sweets along with a variety of fillings like fruits, dates, pistachio, and walnuts. A new twist to the "Eid-Sweets" is definitly worth a try!

  • Parafai Mamoul Prices:
    Dates Ma'amoul price: 10JD per KG
    Walnut Ma'amoul price: 14JD per KG
    Pistashio Ma'amoul price: 16JD per KG
    Assorted Ma'amoul price: 14JD per KG
  • Parafai Locations: Madina Munawara Street & Um Uthaina
  • Phone Number: ☎ 065533810 - ☎ 065530733


Moka Cafe Ma3mool PhotoMoka Patisserie & Cafe located in Abdoun is known for the extra-delicious cakes and cookies.

  • Moka Cafe Eid-Mamoul prices:
    Dates Mamoul is 15 JD per Kilo
    كيلو معمول عجوة 15 دينار
    Walnut is 16 JD per Kilo
    كيلو معمول الجوز 16 دينار
    Pistachio is 17 JD per Kilo
    كيلو معمول الفستق 17 دينار
  • Location: Abdoun circle, Cairo Street
  • Phone Number: ☎ 065926285


The Mill bakery Mamoul PhotoThe Mill Bakeries "Al Tahooneh" offers Ma'amoul in both of its branches; Sweifieh and Jabal Amman. Available in the regular and mini sizes with the traditional fillings of dates, walnuts, and pistachio.

  • Prices provided by Sweifieh branch are as the following;
    Dates Ma'amoul price: 16 JD per KG
    Walnut Ma'amoul price: 18 JD per KG
    Pistashio Ma'amoul price: 20 JD per KG
  • Location: Sweifieh & Jabal Amman
  • Phone Number: ☎ 065810780


koursha mamoul eidThough Koursha's Bakery is best known for its mouthwatering pastry's and fresh-baked bread, the bakery has recently been expanded to include Eid's Mamoul. It provides Eid-Holiday sweets in the three famous fillings. So make sure to order ahead of time because, knowing how good their items are, we expect these little yummy drops to havea hard time staying in stock! Delivery is available too.

  • اسعار معمول مخبز قورشا
    سعر كيلو المعمول بالتمر 12 دينار
    سعر كيلو المعمول بالجوز 14 دنانير
    سعر كيلو المعمول بالفستق 16 دينار
  • Location: Bayder, near Ahli Club
  • Phone Number: ☎ 065833361


Princess Taghrid Institute ma3moolلقد بدأ مركز مؤسسة الأميرة تغريد باستقبال طلبات الكعك والمعمول لعيد الفطر السعيد 2016

  • اسعار معمول مؤسسة الأميرة تغريد
    كيلو مقروطة بالتمر 8 دنانير
    كيلو معمول عجوة بالسميد 12 دينار
    كيلو معمول جوز بالسميد 15 دينار
    كيلو معمول فستق بالسميد 14 دينار
  • تلاع العلي - حي الصالحين - شارع الواحة - متفرع من شارع ميرزا وصفي
  • Phone Number: ☎ 065377314 - ☎ 0795119929


crumz ma3mool photo
Kayak & Maamoul at Crumz Abdoun and Crumz Dabouq. Kindly note that the Mamoul sold at Crumz this year is from Karma Kitchen - Jordan River Foundation. For more info or to order please call Crumz directly at: -

  • Prices per Kilo is as the following;
    Dates Ma'amoul price: 14 JD per KG
    Walnut Ma'amoul price: 16.25 JD per KG
    Pistashio Ma'amoul price: 19.75 JD per KG
  • Phone Number: ☎ 0796500018 - ☎ 0796500010


chez hilda ma3mool photo
Don't miss out Chez Hilda's home made kaak and semolina maamoul. Fillings include pistachio, walnut, and date.

  • Dates Ma'amoul price: 14.5 JD per KG
    Walnut Ma'amoul price: 17.75 JD per KG
    Pistashio Ma'amoul price: 21 JD per KG
  • Location: Sweifieh
  • Phone Number: ☎ 0799000797 - ☎ 065824808


Zalatimo Ma3moul picture Specialized in Orietal sweets, this place is famous for it's delicate, well-seasoned, and fluffy Ma3mouls.. Whether filled with dates, pistachios or walnuts, you can never go wrong wirth Zalatimo Sweets. Each piece is individually wrapped and available in both regular and mini sizes.

  • Prices of Ma3mool at Zalatimo Sweets are as the following:
    كيلو معمول عجوة 11.25 دينار
    كيلو معمول الجوز 12.80 دينار
    كيلو معمول الفستق 18.80 دينار
  • Opening Hours in Ramadan:
    شميساني و عبدون من الساعة 9 صباحاً حتى 2 صباحاً
    باقي الفروع من الساعة 10 صباحاً حتى 12 منتصف الليل
  • Phone Number: ☎ 065004466


Habibah Sweets pistashio mamoul photo
Habiba Maamoul is consistent. Every and each time these soft-filled cookies have the same delcious taste and the exact perfect size. The photo above is of Pistachio Ma'amouls. For pre-ordering or questions please contact any of Habiba Sweets branches.

  • Prices of Ma3mool at Habeeba Sweets are as the following:
    سعر كيلو المعمول بالتمر 6 دينار
    سعر كيلو المعمول بالجوز 8.5 دنانير
    سعر كيلو المعمول بالفستق 12دينار
  • Phone Number: ☎ 065531555 - ☎ 065520629


Bonbonova dates mamoul photoIt's hard not to be tempted by their recent facebook photo of freshly baked Eid Mamoul.
اطيب المعمول من بن بنوفا بطريقه بيته ومنقش باليد وزبده وسميد تذوقوا شغلنا بعد الإفطار

  • سعر كيلو المعمول بالتمر 10 دينار
    سعر كيلو المعمول بالجوز 14 دنانير
    سعر كيلو المعمول بالفستق 18 دينار
  • Location: Sweifieh, Ali Saydo Kurdi Street #62
  • Opening in Ramadan after Iftar until 11:30pm
  • Phone Number: ☎ 0797009265 - ☎ 065930954


Anabtawi Pistachio Mamoul Photo
You can simply call Anabtawi's M'amouls "home-like". The delicate cookie dough makes it a perfect choice for Eid. Anabtawi Sweets with it's raditional fillings of dates, pistaschios, and walnuts are available at each of Ananbtawi's fourteen branches located in Amman, Madaba, Salt, and Aqaba. Assortments can be purchased previously packed or according to preference.


Deli Cafe dates Mamoul photo
Eid Al Fitr Ma’amoul Display - Leave The Baking To Café Boulevard This Eid.Order Your Favourite Eid Al Fitr Goodies from theur Traditional Ma’amoul Blends Rich And Sweet Flavours Filled With Your Choice Of Walnuts, Dates Or Pistachio. Enjoy the festive season without the hassle of baking. A different taste it is when professional chefs do the baking!

  • Location: Café Boulevard, Intercontinental Hotel Amman
  • Phone Number: ☎ 064641361 - Ext. 2541


Want to buy Mamoul for this Eid? Wondering what are the best bakery shops for the perfect Ma'moul that you can offer your guests? We at jordanSun.com have combined a list of Top 16 Places To Get your Ma'moul From! The list will be growing soon, so keep checking!
محتار اديش سعر كيلو المعمول؟ مش عارف اسماء او ارقام أحسن المحلات اللي بتعمل معمول العيد؟؟ عنا الجواب