Best Kunafa places in Amman, Jordan

ازكى محلات كنافة بالاردن

For those who enjoy Middle Eastern Desserts, Knafeh as it is known locally has maintained its foothold as one of the most popular traditional dessert of the general public. This may not explain, however the brightly lit and crowded shops which are still crowded and happily busy until late at night in Amman. This is an essentially simple dish, consisting of a layer of crisp pastry, shaped like thin crunchy tendrils that resemble vermicelli, called rough or coarse, or a layer of soft pastry crumbs sitting atop a layer of soft white cheese which are baked lightly in an oven, then covered with sugar syrup.
The combination of crispy with soft melted cheese of salt taste and sweetness, and the warmth this brings makes it especially popular in winter. Prices are reasonable. Knafeh enjoys a sprinkling of ground pistachio, which you may still find, or request it as an extra topping. The huge trays that come out of the oven and then are cut to the rhythmic tapping of the shop staffs knifes are also in a way part of the ritual of the Knafeh experience. Enjoy the hot crunch and stretchy cheese of Knafeh even late at night.

zalatimo knafeh photo

كنافة زلاطيمو

Zalatimo Sweets is one of the first local shops specialized in Orietal sweets. The place is famous for it's delicate, well-seasoned, and fluffy oriental desserts. Knafeh is one of their most demanded and well-reviewed.
Zalatimo Sweets has many branches all over Amman. For orders and more information please contact Zalatimo directly at: phone icon065681018

كنافة عنبتاوي

knafeh nabelseeyh photo in amman

Anabtawi Sweets fourteen branches located in Amman, Madaba, Salt, and Aqaba. Assortments can be purchased previously packed or according to preference. For more information please call Anabtawi Sweets at: phone icon065528975

Nafeeseh Sweets
نفيسة للحلويات الشامية

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A new authentic "Syrian" sweets-shop has opened in Amman, and you've got to try it! Nafeeseh Sweets currently has two branches, one is in Al Madina Al Monawara Street & the other is in Jabal Amman - 2nd Circle. They are serving all kinds of oriental sweets like Osmaleyyeh and Madloo'a. Their prices are reasonable and the taste is exquisite; 5JD per 1 KG of Khesneh or Na'meh! Call them now at: phone icon0775562226

كنافة عرفات

Arafat Kunafa photo

One of the widest variety of authentic "Arabic Desserts" is to be found at Arafat Sweets. Located at Al Madina Monawara Street, the place can hardly be missed with it's at-all-times crowded entrance.
Arafat Sweets' Knafeh is so delicate and deleicious, it would definitly put a smile on your face! The shop offers delivery for certain orders. Give them a call for more information at: phone icon065532270

Habiba Downtown
كنافة حبيبه وسط البلد

Habiba Downtown is one of the first Knafeh-specialized places in old Amman. Their freshly baked Knafeh is a landmark in Jordan and many happen to drive late at night to that special place for a Knafeh dish! It's hard not to be tempted by their authentic recipe every and each time. For pre-ordering or questions please contact any of Habiba Sweets shops, or call: phone icon065813440

صورة من كنافة محلات حبيبة

Al Sahl Al Akhdar
كنافة السهل الاخضر

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صورة لسدر كنافة ناعمة بالاردن

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