Azraq Lodge - Azraq Wetland Reserve محمية الأزرق المائية - نزل الازرق

Name: Azraq Lodge - Azraq Wetland Reserve
Name Arabic: محمية الأزرق المائية - نزل الازرق
Phone Number: (05) 3835017
Phone Number(s): 053835225
Phone Number(s):
Governate: Azraq
Area Info: Azraq
Governate Arabic: الازرق
Area Arabic: الازرق
Category English: Travel & Tourism
Category Arabic: سفريات و سياحة
SubCategory Arabic: فنادق - محميات طبيعية - مخيمات
SubCategory English: Hotels - Natural Reserves & Camping

Official Facebook Page:

Azraq Lodge: Originally a British military field hospital, the building was later transformed into the current lodge. There are sixteen fully-equipped 1940's style rooms with views of the distant mud and sand flats of the Azraq Basin. The kitchen and restaurant are under the management of a a local Chechen family, providing a variety of authentic Chechen
food and delights.

اسعار دخول محمية الأزرق المائية للشخص الواحد
السعر للأردنيون 2 دينار - السعر للمقيمون 5 دنانير - السعر لغير الأردنيين7 دنانير

Azraq Wetland Reserve photo

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