Name: Sake
Name Arabic:
Phone Number: (06) 5858500
Phone Number(s): 065857057
Phone Number(s): 0798776688
Governate: Amman
Area Info: Sweifieh, Baraka Mall
Governate Arabic: عمان
Area Arabic: الصويفية, البركة مول
Category English: Food and drink
Category Arabic: طعام و شراب
SubCategory Arabic: مطاعم
SubCategory English: Restaurants

Official Facebook Page:

Opening Hours   
Sat - Thu: 11:00 am  -  12:00 am
Fridays:    2:00 pm   -  12:00 am


Sake Sushi photo inside Baraka Mall
Sake Sushi photo inside Baraka Mall

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#1: Friday 16 March 2012 / 4:39:41 pm.
jopay (User IP ID: 96213851156)
hi sake sushi
ive nver experience to eat ur fud. wen i read the comments of ur guests about ur service,fud and staff.its good to hear... now iwant to try to visit there hehehehehe....say hi for me to jonthan and raul....thanks