Optikos Shami - Baraka Mall اوبتكوس شامي

Name: Optikos Shami - Baraka Mall
Name Arabic: اوبتكوس شامي
Phone Number: (06) 5861021
Phone Number(s): 065810511
Website: www.optikosshami.com
Governate: Amman
Area Info: Sweifieh, Amman
Governate Arabic: عمان
Area Arabic: الصويفية, عمان
Category English: Medical and health
Category Arabic: طب و صحة
SubCategory Arabic: بصريات
SubCategory English: Opticians

Optikos Shami LogoOptikos Shami - اوبتكوس شامي
بصريات - فحص نظر - نظارات شمسية وعدسات لاصقة

http://imgsrv2.pxdrive.com/pics/norm/273861.jpgOfficial Facebook Page:

  • Phone Number of Administration - رقم إدارة أبوتكوس شامي : 0775777870 - 5866665


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#1: Monday 12 May 2014 / 6:56:40 pm.
Bisan yahya (User IP ID: 109616931132)
I would like to make an order
I'm a customer and I would like to make an order how I could contact shami in swifie?