Al-Essra Hospital مستشفى الاسراء

Name: Al-Essra Hospital
Name Arabic: مستشفى الاسراء
Phone Number: (06) 5300300
Phone Number(s): 065330885 , 0795584291
Fax numbers: 065347888
Governate: Amman
Area Info: University St., Amman
Governate Arabic: عمان
Area Arabic: شارع الجامعة, عمان
Category English: Medical and health
Category Arabic: طب و صحة
SubCategory Arabic: مستشفيات
SubCategory English: Hospitals

Al-Isra' Hospital,
Address: Amman, Jordan - opposite Jordan Univesity

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#1: Thursday 26 July 2012 / 1:11:07 pm.
KHOLOUD ABUZNEIMAH (User IP ID: 114511451209)
من الصبح وانا بتصل بمستشفى الاسراء ولا احد يرد على تلفون ارجو حل المشكلة
#2: Wednesday 20 February 2013 / 9:59:37 am.
James Roth (User IP ID: 12539401129)
Pediatric Cardiologist
I have been trying to call the hospital from Afghanistan and cannot get through. I would like to refer a patient for surgery. Can someone contact me at the following email address.
Thank you.