Chestnut Restaurant & Pub تشيستنت

Name: Chestnut Restaurant & Pub
Name Arabic: تشيستنت
Phone Number: (077) 5000075
Governate: Amman
Area Info: Jabal Amman - 2nd circle, Abu Salam Al Khallal Street
Governate Arabic: عمان
Area Arabic: جبل عمان, الدوار الثاني - شارع ابوسالم الخلال
Category English: Entertainment
Category Arabic: اماكن ترفيهيه
SubCategory Arabic: مقاهي ليليه
SubCategory English: Pubs

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About Chestnut Restaurant & Pub: The latest chill spot in Amman, brought to you by Amman's most experienced & customer-oriented young entrepreneurs. They have been (& even worked!) all over the place; every restaurant & pub around Amman, in the region and in the world. The vision came from their own personal experience of what each and every single pub lacked, and they have decided to give Ammanies the greatest gift of all; a pub to call home! Whether you you visit Chestnut straight after work, for a chilled night out, or even for a scrumptious lunch break; you are guaranteed an ultimate satisfactory experience. We invite you to experience Chestnut & judge us for yourself, and we are almost certain that you will keep coming back for more; because what we have to offer is more than just a meal & a drink... We offer you a second home. Come & explore...

chestnut restaurant and pub location map
chestnut restaurant and pub location map

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