Name: Wardati
Name Arabic:
Phone Number: (06) 5922442
Phone Number(s): 065922545
Phone Number(s): 065922705
Governate: Amman
Area Info: Abdoun, Amman
Governate Arabic: عمان
Area Arabic: عبدون, عمان
Category English: Home and Personal Shopping
Category Arabic: تسوق منزلي و شخصي
SubCategory Arabic: ازهار محلات
SubCategory English: Flower shops

Wardati advertisement of February 2012
Wardati advertisement of February 2012

wardati shop photo
Wardati Shop Photo

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#1: Saturday 28 March 2015 / 9:15:59 pm.
wafaa (User IP ID: 89317731153)
delivary flower
can you deliver the plants or flower in company or home